Cross Country Course

The cross country course at Meaux Livery is suitable for all abilities.  We have about 25 fences ranging from poles on the floor to 1m.  About 10 fences are under 60cm. 

There is also over 6km worth of circular hacking tracks which are ideal for people with limited hacking available to them as they are all off road.  It is also idea for people with young children as there are short and longer routes the long route can be seen complete via the short route so children can be observed at all times but also be given the freedom of hacking alone or in small groups without parental supervision. 

The hacking track and cross country course can be hired per session or for the whole year.

Year prices are £20 for the first 10 people to book there after £30 for the whole year January- December.  Just txt us so we know when to expect you.

For £5 per session per horse and rider combination.