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York and Ainsty Summer show

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In August Meaux Livery went to the Yorks and Ainsty Summer show.  We took 2 ponies and 3 riders.  Moo and Ellie took part in some of the jumping classes however Moo had issues with a small show jumping wall. Ellie also did the beginner showing class and learnt that hairnets and gloves are a requirement.  That being said Moo behaved very well throughout the line up and showing section and they got a well earnt special rosette. Later in the day Ellie entered her in the working hunter clear round to see if she would have more luck over brown fences and despite a premature dismount the round was rather sucessful. 

Luca helped by big sister Lauren took part in the lead rein jumping class on Beti and compeleted the course.  Lauren did an inhand showing class and despite Beti spending the whole time in the ring whith her ears back Lauren managed a respectable 5th.

Luca helped by Lauren did some of the fun showing classes.  My Best friend etc and come back with rosette from every class.  He even attempted some of the classes on his own.  He was however helped out by a very helpful judge when Beti decided that she would ignore every request from Luca when it came to stearing and speed control and proceded to stick to walk at all costs despite being clapped and flapped at by said judge.  

A good day was had by all and below is a photo of Beti and Luca and some of their rosettes from the day.

Holderness Hunt Pony Club Show

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20/07/2014 four horses from the yard went to Holderness Hunt Pony Club Show which was held at Cherry Burton. A good day was had by all. Luca (aged 6) with his sister as his leader came back with a 5th rosette for the working hunter. This was a great achievement as it was his first ever jumping competition. He also came back with a 1st and 2nd rosette for my best friend and bonny pony classes.

Hannah riding her own Belle got 3rd in the 80cm jumping, had an unlucky pole down in the 90cm jumping and got clear in the jumping section of the 80cm working hunter but didn't manage to get placed with comments from the judge saying nice young horse but a bit too green to pick up a rosette.

Hannah rode Gill's Eliza and they both had an unlucky fall in the 90cm jumping between fences however they were allowed to continue and completed the rest of the course clear. They also did the 90cm Working Hunter and managed to come back with a 1st rosette and a trophy from a large class.

Daisy had a really good day but sadly did not come back with any rosettes.

Well done to all horses and riders and thank you to the Holderness Pony Club for running a fantastic show.


Driffield Show

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Ellie (Idelle De Fontenel) and Cordy (Cordyline De Meaux) went to Driffield Show on 16/07/2014. Both behaved brilliantly. Ellie was 3rd in a very strong and big class. Cordy also came back with a 3rd rosette and did everything which was asked of her. Standing perfectly still and trotting up in hand etc. Driffield Show was a practice run for the Futurities which are held at the end of the month in Lincolnshire. Thanks to Gill our chief groom and Lucy the other handler without your help I wouldn't have been able to take the mare and foal. We all had a fantastic day and we had great support from other liveries who turned up for the early 9.30 class to show us their support.


Meaux Livery Fun Jumping Evening

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On 12/07/2014 we held a fun jumping evening. The hay field had recently been cut so we set out a course of jumps and invited all the liveries to take part. With a little persuasion and the promise of no photographic evidence all the liveries took part. It was a fun evening which started with just poles on the ground for the young riders and horses. This was great for confidence building and a good practice for young riders to learn a course. Then the jumps were raised slowly to each rider’s ability. With a little encouraging peer pressure all riders jumped higher than they had originally decided to jump. Everyone said they had a great evening and could we do it again as they were all surprised how well their horses had jumped. We also brought out all the fillers for the braver riders to have a go at. All in all the evening was a great success.


Meaux Livery goes stunt riding

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On 01/03/2014 second time lucky because we were due to go at the beginning of Feb but due to bad weather and a flooded school it was cancelled we all met at the yard and went stunt riding.  Someone of us had been to a demonstation by Atkinsons Action Horses at Bishop Burton and thought it looked like a good idea and a bit of fun.  Well once the idea was mentioned on the yard everyone thought it was a good idea.  So the day was booked and organised.  Atkinson Action Horses are based at Eastrington so it wasn't a long drive and Ben said we could choose from Vaulting, Falling off, Trick riding, Stunt riding or Jousting.  We all had an amazing day doing a selection on the activities and below are some of the best pictures from the day.  The day was open to all ages and abilities and was loved by everyone.

Trick riding

Stunt riding

The youngest member of the yard giving it a go                                                 Vaulting

SHB (GB) Mare Grading

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Congratulations to both Ellie and Matilda for passing their mare gradings on 30/09/2013.  They both did very well and looked very smart.  Also well done to Buzby (Stormhill De Meaux) who came along for the ride and was ever so well behaved.

Ellie (Idelle De Fontenel)

Matilda (Stormhill Matilda)

Buzby (Stormhill De Meaux)

SHB (GB) Mare grading 30/09/2013

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On 30/09/2013 there will be a SHB(GB) mare grading at Balinmore Stud in East Yorkshire.  Both Ellie and Matilda will be attending and hoping for good results. 

If anyone else would like to attend to grade some mares please can you send your applications (download the form from the SHB (GB) website) to SHB (GB) ASAP.

It should be an exiting day and Good Luck Ellie and Matilda.

Meaux Livery BBQ

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On 20/07/2013 Meaux Livery held our first BBQ. Sadly the weather was not as great as expected, but that failed to dampen our mood and spirit. All Liveries were asked to bring a certain food group so that there was enough food for everyone. The evening started with a human 'chase me Charlie' 

(Nick jumping the final heigh)

 with rosettes for most participants. We followed that by the cereal box game

 which resulted in us being unable to produce a clear winner as two liveries were able to pick a piece of flat cardboard up off the ground using only the mouths. Then it was time for the food finally to be washed down with cider and Pims. It was a successful evening and one which we will be turning into an annual event.